Showcasing Responses: Our Films and Articles

We have produced a series of short films, and multimedia pieces that comprehensively cover responses by government, the civil society and private sector in providing complete education. 

Our focus on;

  1. Early learning responses 
  2. Retention at secondary level 
  3. Practical skilling at university and tertiary level 
  4. Government innovation on higher education financing

Improving learning outcomes

Skilling Graduates

Sharing Responsibility: Ugandan graduates camp in rural Communities to improve learning outcomes

Volunteer teachers like Agnes Atala (Pictured here) are part of a movement of change makers  in an all-round response model being pioneered by Teach for Uganda, a non profit organization. 

Bicycle Model Keeps Girls in School

There are only 12 secondary schools in rural Jinja district, to serve 326 villages. The distance from home to school is one of the biggest challenges for rural learners.