Narrowing wait-time: Ugandan Innovators Prove It’s Possible to Provide Medicare Under Two Hours Watch Documentary REPORTER: Rhonet Atwiine. Film & Photography by Richard Mugambe. Shafil Tibita yaws his bike through Kampala’s afternoon traffic. He is no ordinary courier, but a laboratory technician whose work has moved beyond the confines of the sanitized chambers to the

A Shared Responsibility: Graduates Camp in Rural Uganda ‘To Improve Learning’ Watch Full Documentary Written by: Amos Desmond Wambi. Documentary Report by: Dan Ayebare. Film & Photography by: Richard Mugambe. By the time Denise Mirembe graduated from Uganda’s premier Makerere University, her teaching career was cut and dry. She had interned at one of the

Inside the world of Uganda’s linguistic Minority Churches, Cafes and Now Sign Language TV, Uganda’s Deaf Community Peers at Progress Watch on YouTube REPORTER: Dan Ayebare. Filmed by Richard Mugambe. Faith Kamanzi peddles her sewing machine with detail and quietude. Her stall, situated in a corner amidst a sea of other machines is never free

At the maternity wing of St. Francis Hospital, Nsambya in Kampala, a first-time mother has been in intensive care for close to two months. Her precious little bundle, whom nurses at the facility have named Elizabeth, is also fighting on her own at Camilla Neonatal Ward. Elizabeth arrived before time, at six months. The conditions

If you grew up in Uganda, there is a good chance you relate with a farming household. We love the dirt and pride in it, because more than 70% of us find livelihood in agriculture. But like Ababu Ssenyondo, of Luweero, a town 75 kilometers north of Kampala, there is a possibility you struggle to

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